Sustainable Knits – the #Rosários4 version of #HarryStylesCardigan

This extra time at home was, for many, the beginning of an adventure of yarn and needles. On social media, photos and videos of knitting and crochet projects have multiplied, including the widely shared cardigan worn by Harry Styles – a piece by JW Anderson that quickly gained fame among the fans of the singer, who created numerous versions of it.

Impressed by the trend generated around his creation, the designer even provided a tutorial to make the “Colourblock Patchwork Cardigan”.

You can access the tutorial provided by the designer here:

Inspired by this trend, we decided to create our own version of the #harrystylescardigan, based on a sustainable perspective: a cardigan made with swatches of Rosários 4 yarns from older collections.



It was an easy, fun project. We selected old knitting samples and the result was surprising – because despite following the pattern, we worked with materials that we already had and that makes this version unique. And you can also make your own, unique cardigan. 🙂


In this piece of clothing we see not only a little of the past and the history of our yarns, but also a bit of the future and what we believe is the right way.

Sustainability fits so well, don’t you think?



One thought on “Sustainable Knits – the #Rosários4 version of #HarryStylesCardigan

  • YES! Sustainability is so so important. Thanks for this article. We very much need to protect our planet for future children.


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