The awareness and need to take on a responsible and innovative attitude towards the environment issues are policies and procedures undertaken by Rosários 4. Using resources in an orderly way, investing to reduce the ecological footprint and fostering an understanding of environmental issues among the employees are vital principles within the company. Such procedures have long been implemented by encouraging waste separation for recycling; pre-treatment of liquid effluents in its own wastewater treatment plant (Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant), and the monitoring of gaseous effluents, among many others.


Furthermore, the products developed by Rosários 4 reflects the company’s effective environmental management, favouring natural fibres, derived from a collection of natural dyed yarns obtained by extracting dyes from vegetal or animal origin.


Ensuring top quality service and first-rate products is a permanent concern within the company. For this reason a set of monitor environmental policies and procedures were established to guide us towards a continuous improvement.



– Meet customer needs and expectations and legal requirements applicable to the product;
– Promote the quality of work methodologies and processes;
– Continuous Improvement of the Quality System;
– Partnerships with Customers and Suppliers;
– Ensure the conditions for a highly motivated team of employees;
– Ensure financial stability;
– Be made available to relevant stakeholders.


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