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June is a month of traditions: the saints, the parades, the grilled sardines, the folklore dances and so much more. They belong to us and play a part in our daily lives when spring days shyly give way to summer days.

Hence, our choice of setting forth a new tradition: June 13th is the launching day of a new tutorial shawl. After projecting our Alfama shawl in 2017 made with 100% linen yarn, this year we’ve released the Bailarico Shawl, made with Bio Love, 100% organic cotton – a new project devised by our unbeatable dual (always creative!) Rosario 4 and Filipa Carneiro.



This new project promises to make many needles dance: the colours and contrasting stitches are very seductive, boosting not only the desire to wear but also the yearning for knitting. In this version, the shades of green and dark blue, the greens are worked in leaf stitch and the blue in loops, having a colour change every different stitch. The result? An amazing contrast, which forces us to look several times to see how it was done.



This is the shawl that’ll contradict the idea that a large, cotton, knit is hefty. It is, in fact, lightweight, soft and very comfortable – keeping in mind that the Bio Love yarn is 100% organic cotton, with the GOTS certification. The drawn-out shape allows it to be used in countless ways, making it practical to wrap around the shoulders or neck for protection from cool evenings without restraining the freedom of movements. It is, therefore, perfect for dancing at folklore gatherings. So now, you can take the bailarico whenever there’s a folklore dance.




The colour palette of Bio Love yarn is a true invitation for knitting this shawl. With its 16 colours, organized in 5 degradés, one look is enough to make you fantasize on all the versions that this shawl can be created into. For warm tones, combine the yellows and the browns; for a fresher version use the 4 shades of blue; for the romantic ones, roses and whites; or combine white, yellow and blue to reminisce on the beach and the sea. And so much more…

The Bailarico shawl’s tutorial is available for downloading in the pattern section of Rosários 4 website + Ravelry.


YARN: Bio Love, 100% organic cotton, (GOTS certified)

Design: Filipa Carneiro

Photo shoot at Retiro do Bosque Country House.


2 thoughts on “Bailarico shawl

  • Hi
    While in Portugal on holidays in September I bought some beautiful wool in Lagos the shop is called Tiras E Lasangos.
    I do not have enough yarn to finish my project I need two more balls. Please can you help me??
    It is Rosarios 4 Cocoon COR 15 Lote 0602
    Hope I can buy it direct from your self or maybe the name of a site where I can purchase it.
    Hope you can help !!!


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